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Tussar Silk

'GOLDENROD' Anarkali

Rs. 11,580.00Rs. 19,290.00

'PADMAJA’ Anarkali

Rs. 15,015.00Rs. 27,300.00

‘HOLLYHOCK’ Angarakha

Rs. 21,840.00Rs. 33,600.00

'NAAZ' Gharara Set

Rs. 17,190.00Rs. 31,260.00

'FERRERA' Gharara Set

Rs. 19,980.00Rs. 25,980.00

'AQSA' Gharara Set

Rs. 20,520.00Rs. 31,590.00

'AMBER' Drape Saree

Rs. 13,850.00Rs. 23,070.00

'PINKY SWAG' Drape Saree

Rs. 17,955.00Rs. 23,940.00

'ANNABELLE' Drape Saree

Rs. 12,375.00Rs. 16,980.00

‘HIRAL’ Anarkali

Rs. 17,280.00Rs. 28,800.00

'SAUMYA' Angarakha Set

Rs. 25,650.00Rs. 30,570.00

'AKHILA' Sharara Set

Rs. 13,440.00Rs. 24,390.00

'KANIKA’ Anarkali

Rs. 19,665.00Rs. 39,330.00

'PALKI' Anarkali

Rs. 33,690.00Rs. 40,200.00

'NARCISSUS' Anarkali

Rs. 15,015.00Rs. 27,300.00

'BELIZZI' Jacket

Rs. 12,000.00Rs. 14,820.00