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Our inspiration...

“Close to Nature & Building a Sustainable Environment” — Our coolest Fashion Statement!



Nothing beats the joy that is experienced while being in the lap of Nature…Sipping morning tea with chirp of little cute birds; listening rhythm of splashing waterfall while passing through the mountainous track; breathing fresh air fused in the green orchard; and that little joy when a small girl gets on picking up the colourful shells while running through the beach… 


We draw a parallel joy when we artistically depict folk art in our ensembles and by working with nature-friendly fabrics- sustainable fabrics. Nature thrives when we adopt organic way of living in every single thing we do- Individually & Consciously 

Yesss….Sustainability….Our buzzword and our motto

Purpose has been to give back what we inherited from our Mother Earth & also be a small voice on the sustainable lifestyle.

As the Time Passed By… 

We kept connecting the dots lied across Indian Heritage map…weaving together all the diverse arts, crafts & textiles that India is recognised with. Started with an expression of art through Madhubani Painting and Sujani craft on the Tussar silk fabric, slow & carbon off-setting fabrics & heritage crafts like Kala cotton, Khadi, Ajrakh, Linen, Ikat started making way into the bouquet of Dharang.

This journey, till date, has been incredibly fascinating one and we are still on a march to explore more options and bring them on your platter. Now we have also stepped into accessories and home utility items that beautifies the aesthetic appeal of your home, intuitively & organically.

Whats Different in Us…Nothing or say Many  

Like others we make clothes, accessories and lifestyle products….So? 

Every ensemble we craft, we craft it- Ethically & Ecologically. We feel responsible to take each of us closer to sustainable & organic ways of life. Also, we understand, if it’s not feasible to move completely away from fast fashion, we have thoughtfully crafted options for them too. Be it making more of what we have (Re-wear, Up-cycle) or sharing (Pre-own) the closet.

Flavor of the dish is in the fusion of different spices. So is true for apparels. In the world of ever-changing fashion, Dharang takes pride in fusion of heritage crafts in an eco-ethical manner.

Yes, exactly, this is what that makes us different !

Why We Do What We have been Doing 

The stigma of not repeating clothes; having ‘many but none to wear syndrome and buying new and quick every-time has made us switch to fast fashion; conveniently. We have nothing against jobs created in fast fashion company….absolutely nothing! It’s just that we wanted to be aware of the bigger picture.   




Going fast is not Fashionable…It rather slows our pace






How the harmful plastics end up in landfills and because of which lives of so many species have been pushed to endangered zone. We empathise and feel responsible towards this degenerating state of affairs !

We do not want any plastic laden clothes to get to the landfills or be incinerated. They stay in our wardrobe for 2-3 years but in landfills, their life increases to 100+ years! And as pollutants, they come back to us through air !

Time to Think & Question…

So, first few questions we asked ourselves while looking at our closet  

  • How they are made?
  • In what conditions they are made?
  • Are labourers paid a fair wage?
  • What ingredients go into the making of a dress?
  • What level of natural resources are used or polluted in the process?
  • Is it actually giving boost to our economy or killing our home-grown industry or livelihood of skilled karigars? 

The amount of water that goes into the making of one T-shirt is 2700 litres; the same that an average person drinks in 2.5 years ! 

It was startling to know few more facts once we zeroed our research on harmful side of fast fashion.

1. If petroleum industry pollutes environment, fast fashion industry stands next to it releasing 21 lakh tons of carbon dioxide every year.

2. 60% of all clothes going to landfills do not decompose for hundreds of years and those polyester clothes’ burn causes pollution.

3. High usage of pesticides (18%) and insecticides (25%) while growing fibres goes way above the permissible level; and this for sure is not earth friendly practice.

4. 20% of industrial water pollution comes from treating and dyeing textiles.

5. Every time we wash them, millions of plastic molecules enter the water cycle.

High Time to Walk the Talk



We asked- ‘Did we contribute negatively to these?
If yes, how to reduce our carbon footprints?





It is as simple as shifting from Fast to Slow; choosing Minimalistic Lifestyle & selecting long lasting fabrics for our sartorial satisfaction. Taking one step at a time, imbibing Slow fashion & building that Mindful attitude will take all of us a long way…for our own selves…who love the Nature so much!

Sustainability is not a mere word for us; it’s deeply rooted in our ways of working; be it zero waste at the designing phase or circulating the leftovers to ingenious use. All this, while keeping the enthusiasm and interest of contemporary feel alive.

Partnering with you in up-cycling your old closet with ‘Dharang Upcycles’, we simply aim to increase the longevity of the outfit and save them reaching the landfills.

Dharang Pre-own shop is another sustainable approach wherein a customer can rent an outfit instead of buying a new one! Yet again, an initiative to help everyone monetise their wardrobes or share to larger base of the community.

There’s one bit that everyone can do to keep their life sustainably simple and Dharang has it all.

And Hence our Choice of Fabrics for your Ensembles…

Our pride is our choice of fabrics and the artisans. We take due effort in procuring the right fabric come what may! 95% of fabrics used by Dharang are handwoven, handloom, sustainable and organic.
Here’s taking you through the different fabrics of which Dharang ensembles are made of…

  • Tussar silk: Handloom fabric known for its exquisite slub texture, golden sheen & breathability.
  • Kala cotton: GOTS certified, Carbon-offsetting & an epitome of sustainability.
  • Banarsi: A celebration fabric with its golden & silver zari in its weave.
  • Ikat: Known for its complex weaving, it’s one of the most beautiful examples of craftsmanship.
  • Ajrakh: Ajrakh Block printing with the natural dye on sustainable fabric has made a mark for itself amongst the textile connoisseurs.
  • Hand Woven: Hand-spun and handwoven fabric associated with India’s textile history.
  • Linen: Known for porosity, strength & anti-bacterial properties, Linen fabric is also the most sought for fashionista.