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Upcycle- New Ways

by Dharang CFAC Design on May 12, 2021

Our connect with clothes ! 

Our outfits —  We see them as our identity, extension of our personality, and most definitely representation of our culture. And on an individual level we have an emotional connect with it. Our sartorial choice defines who and what we are ! 

That lucky Interview Shirt, most Complimented Saree, all time Favourite Kurta….whether we wear our favourites today or not, they stay in our closet for years because we cling to those moments of life that made us proud while receiving awards or brought cheer & celebration to our life. Decision of discarding those is postponed as we wish those moments to live longer with us. 

Sale, new occasion and festive clothing…so many pretexts to buy new clothes!

So long, so good ! Memories intact. Shopping urge satiated.

How about cupboard ! 

We keep stacking outfits; for, some have memories attached, while others purchased for ‘that’ specific occasion !

While it is definitely fun to shop, we hardly don all the bought clothes. Doesn’t it happen that we buy outfits from the shop and once back to home, put that involved and excitingly purchased outfit in the cupboard, waiting in queue to see the light for second time? 

Or some impulsive shopping stuffs that never got a reason to be out ? 

Flip side of splurging on our wishes and to grace each and every events of life, big or small, with a new outfit have made our cupboard literally a warehouse where pile of dresses is lying with price tags still on!

Upcycling - Our Way

Discard your loved ensembles or Re-do them into something new or useful ? If the second option were easily available to you, wouldn’t you do it? We believe you would ! And hence

Dharang Upcycles for you!

Levelling up in the value chain, concept of re-using old clothes (as our Moms would do with their sewing machine) has always been practiced in Indian families since ages. With time, this utilisation of chindi (leftover) fabrics has got a makeover and rechristened. Now celebrated in Fashion Weeks in a grandeur way, this has come a full circle. We know of novel organisations turning industrial scraps into beautiful pieces of artwork and selling them…but we thought differently. Why not to renovate ‘your wardrobe’ ? We strongly recommend you to go back to your own closet and check what all can be made from  each of them.

Why we want to step into it

Post pandemic and Covid-19 times, we all know how fast Nature heals itself; and if we take conscious decision, lead a sustainable lifestyle, eventually we all shall co-exist- Beautifully. 

We seriously do not want to see the barren lands, bald trees and deserted scenes while going for long drive to satiate our longing for refreshment. 

Rather a conscious move to mindful purchasing habits and extending the shelf life of created/possessed items seems a greater option than witnessing lifeless things in our lifetime. 

Along the way, we simply save environment getting extra load of landfills or air pollutants !

Sounds good ! In all aspects ! Good for all the stakeholders- user of outfit, ecology, manufacturers. 

On the platter- Exclusive & Unique

We as a company value your memorable moments and your love for your treasured collection. Innovative utilisation of your leftover fabrics can be put to ingenious use for home decor and accessories.

Restyling the closet, especially of Mom’s cupboard for your purpose is the most loving and exciting thing to do. Making ensembles from Saree, or re-wearing the same Saree in a different style & then those pouring accolades from you is just what we relish for months !

And yeah did we mention that the product which comes out of Upcycling is unique in a true sense; it can’t be copied by others & will always remain exclusive to your home !!

We’ll be more than happy to be a partner in exploring options and Upcycling your closet  :-)

What can I do for my closet?

If we made you think going back to your closet, we are sure, you already have pinned some of the clothes. That is definitely the first step towards being a sustainable, conscious consumer who is willing to contribute to the environment we live in !

And if not, then how about shopping for already upcycled clothes? Upcycling products increases shelf life of the used clothes. If an upcycled products are made of fast fashion fabric, then we are definitely preventing them to land up in landfills – plus increasing their utility. 

In both ways, you partner with us to make ourselves a little more sustainable. Every small gesture matters in the bigger picture of sustainability.

Now, You have two options – Shop or Upcycle your closet!

I Want to Shop:

  • Shop Upcycled Outfits
  • Shop Upcycled Bags
  • Shop Upcycled Home Décor Products

Upcycle Your Closet:

Process is simple.

  • You have to tell us what you have and we need to know what you want!
  • Share picture of items that you want to upcycle through attached acquisition form
  • Dharang ideates & shares ideas along with approximate costs
  • You approve approximate cost
  • We craft and deliver to you

Let’s Start with Requisition Form

(Expect our response in 24-48 hours)

Please note that this service is currently applicable to residents of NCR, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore only.

On journey to sustainability, Dharang crafts Indian stories for unique You.